BAA events

June 1, 2013 | 9:00 am -- 1:00 pm

Brickbottom Flea Market!

Outdoors on Fitchburg Street

In the words of one of our esteemed residents: "20+ people, 100+ personalities!"

That's right: Over 20 individuals/families will fill Fitchburg Street with finds and treasures -- imagine the possibilities!

NO EARLY BIRDS, please. Really.

Because we want people to shop without dropping, we've invited some local friends to provide needed sustenance during our event! Check back for details!

You've seen our art and our spaces here, so you know this is going to be worth checking out!

Free street parking on Chestnut St. and Linwood St, just steps from our flea market action. 

Check out the event flyer by Pier Gustafson (click image to enlarge)!

Brickbottom Flea Market Flyer 

An early listing of items we'll be hauling outside for your shopping pleasure:

Neon signs
Mid-century modern furniture
Laboratory water circulation bath w/heating element
Antique sewing machine
Darkroom equipment
Adjustable bed frame
Furniture items
Bicycle(s) & sporting goods
Art supplies, frames
Audio equipment
Art books
Small appliances
China, glassware, kitchen & tabletop items
Decorative Objets!
Tonka trucks and other toys/kids' stuff
Pet items 
Books, cds, dvds, CASSETTES!
Small electronics: cameras, iPhone/iPods, etc


Brickbottom Flea Market event page on Facebook