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Gary Duehr, Jennifer Liston Munson, David Palmquist

March 12 - April 11, 2015

Reception: Sunday, March 15, 3 - 5pm

MOTION, MEMORY presents the work of three artists whose work is a hybrid of photography combined with painting or printmaking. Although photography's origin is that of freezing motion (and time) as a way of preserving memory, each of these artists explores how photography, when altered or extended, can allow motion to partailly wipe away the memory of a place or event. They all owe a debt to Einstein's notion that time only occurs when change happens; if nothing changes, time does not pass. These three artists try to catch the moment of transition between stillness and action.

Images: left - Gary Duehr, "Chicago El" (detail), pigment print on mylar, 25"x40", 2014, Jennifer Liston Munson, "Untitled (Cuba #29" (detail), pigment print, oil, resin, weed, 16"x42", 2015, David Palmquist, "Michigan Motel" (detail), oil on canvas, 24"x48", 2014

right: Gary Duehr, "Erasure 2", 18"x24", pigment ink on Pronto plate, 2013, Jennifer Liston Munson, "Seville Billboard", 84"x32", c-print on plexi, oil on plaster, 2014, David Palmquist, "Little White Houses 2", 24"x36", oil on canvas, 2010

Brickbottom Gallery

1 Fitchburg Street

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Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12 - 5pm

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