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IN(sight)BOUND: sketchbooks showing the creative process

Sherry Autor, Patsea Cobb, Robin Dawkins, Lois Fiore, Tim Fish, George Gabin, Elizabeth Goodnow, Robert Goss, Pier Gustafson, Shannon Humphreys, Charlotte Ellen Kaplan, Adam Leveille, Pauline Lim, C. Todd Lombardo, Cynthia Maurice, Chris Mesarch, Debra Olin, Piotr Parda, Rosamond Purcell, Kim Schmahmann, Susan Schmidt, George Summers, Liz Whitbeck.

April 18 - May 16, 2015

Reception: Thursday, April 23, 6-8pm

This Brickbottom Artists' Association Members' Exhibition highlights the artist's more intimate process, the preliminary spark that begins the journey to a final finished drawing, painting or sculpture, or the ideas that allow an artist to think and dream on the page. Sketchbooks record an artist's travels or the daily events in their lives. They can include life drawings, landscapes, portraits or mindless doodles. This exhibition shows artists' sketchbooks along with the finished work that sprung from their pages.

The small room of the Brickbottom Gallery showcases Brickbottom Artists who will be opening their studios throughout Somerville during Somerville Open Studios. Artists include: Lois Bennett, David Campbell, Patsea Cobb, Wally Gilbert, Pier Gustafson, Lana Hermann, Jerry Lainoff, Pauline Lim, Jessica Meuse, Diane Novetsky, Debra Olin, Alyson Schultz and Liz Whitbeck.

Extended gallery hours during Somerville Open Studios,

Saturday & Sunday, May 2 & 3, noon - 6pm.

Images: left - Pier Gustafson's sketchbooks

right - Sketchbooks by George Summers, George Gabin, Charolotte Ellen Kaplan

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Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12 - 5pm

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