future shows

March 10 - April 9, 2016



Paintings by Morgan Dyer, Anthony Falcetta, George Frary, Ben Macadam, Lisa Reindorf


Opening Reception: Sunday, March 13, 4-6pm


These artists have deeply immersed themselves in their temporal surroundings. Their specific 'scapes, and then withdrawn to their studios - which as any artist knows, exists just out of sight of the normal clock. There, they've distilled their experiences of the physical world down to essentials, containing matter, memory, time and no-time. These paintings are where your path through the temporal crosses with theirs. You may recognize somewhere you/ve been, or you may be brough somewhere (some-when?) entirely new.  


Curated by Anthony Falcetta. Images for this exhibition coming soon.


Images, left: Anthony Falcetta

             right:George Frary, Ben MacAdam, Lisa Reindorf