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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Brickbottom Gallery would like to welcome the Dramatic Association for Artistic Creation, a two-man performing troupe from Somerville's Moroccan Sister City, Tiznit.

2 p.m.  Theater workshop:  Art and culture are the pillars of tolerance


7 p.m.  Performance:  "What a Beautiful Life!"


All events are FREE and open to the public!

Jamal Taamart and Yassine Enssimi have been touring France, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Russia (see photos) with the sponsorship of Royal Air Maroc. 

Troupe's Biography

DAAC Tiznit was created in 2007.  It is interested in artistic creation, especially theater.  In the beginning, it was called "Troupe des amateurs de la scène", created by Jamal Taamart in 2005 in Tiznit, then it became an association ”ADCA” created by the same person. This ambitious troupe, from Tiznit, is composed of actors, ages between 18 and 24 years. The association is founded on the basis of brotherhood, sincerity and a desire to succeed in its artistic process.  The association participated in several national and internationals artistic eventsm with several productions.  They are also young musicians, making an international tour in the context of cultural exchange in different countries.




The Brickbottom Open Studios Annual Directory Exhibit

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