Purchase Stock Photos for Commercial Use from This Stock Site

Searching for the right stock images for commercial use can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look. Several stock photo websites offer royalty-free images at very cheap deals. They also feature high quality, which is paramount to the success of your creative project. Out of these numerous stock photo sites, what is the best source for buying images for commercial use? Let us take a look at Stock Photo Secrets.

Stock Photo Secrets (SPS) is a stock site backed by industry expert, Amos Struck. It features millions of premium royalty free images and includes options for Extended License. If you are looking to buy images for commercial use, (click here!) it may be the best option. Check out some of the stock site’s features:

  • Over 4 million premium royalty free images
  • Create and share your own lightboxes
  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Download images for commercial use in super high resolution
  • Extended license for unlimited print runs and use of images on products to be resold
  • Keep everything you download forever

Finding a plan that works for you is not difficult in Stock Photo Secrets, too. There are monthly and annual plans that you can choose from. Cancellable anytime, the monthly plan allows you to purchase photos between $0.21 and $1.40 per image, depending on the plan you choose. The annual plans, on the other hand, let you save up to 30%.

Another famous plan by SPS is 99 Club, a limited offer that allows you to download 200 XXL images for only $99 per year. You can also buy cheap stock photos from the website through packs. They have no expiry date, so you can download images anytime you want. Starting at $39, you can purchase 5 images. Consequently, the larger the pack you buy, the bigger your savings!

However, these plans only come with a standard royalty free license. If you wish to purchase images for commercial use with unlimited printed copies and use the images on merchandise for resale, you need to buy an Extended License.

About Extended License Image Packs
These packs allow you to download stock photos for commercial use as you need them. They, too, have no expiry date. Compared to the standard license, the extended license allows unlimited use of images on digital and print media as well as in items for resale. Customers with an active subscription can benefit the most as the packs are exclusively offered to them at half the regular price.

The regular price of a single image with extended license is $80. This means members of Stock Photo Secrets can purchase them for as low as $40. Bigger packs are also available for bigger savings!

Photos for commercial use are important to the success of your creative projects. And, the right stock photo site will lead you to that path. If you are looking for high quality images at affordable prices, SPS is the stock site for you. They have the cheapest deals on Extended License images at $22 each (for members-only).

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to any of Stock Photo Secret’s plan and get a chance to purchase stock images for commercial purposes at the lowest rate possible.